the blind side

madonna bellissimo sto film..toccante.. stupendo proprio grandissima sandra bullock

Courage is a hard thing to figure. You can have courage based on a dumb idea or a mistake, but you’re not supposed to question adults or your coach or your teacher because they make the rules. Maybe they know best but maybe they don’t. It all depends on who you are, where you come from.

(Didn’t at least one of the six hundred guys think about giving up and joining with the other side? I mean valley of death, thats pretty salty stuff.) [This is referring to the poem below]

Thats why courage is tricky. Should you always do what others tell you to do? Sometimes you might not even know why you’re doing something, I mean any fool can have courage.

But Honor, thats the real reason you either do something or you don’t. It’s who you are and maybe who you want to be. If you die trying for something important then you have both Honor and Courage, and thats pretty good.

I think thats what the writer was saying, that you should hope for courage and try for honor. And maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some too.

(from the movie, ‘Blind Side’)

The Charge Of The Light Brigade
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Half a league half a league,
Half a league onward,
All in the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred:
‘Forward, the Light Brigade!
Charge for the guns’ he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

‘Forward, the Light Brigade!’
Was there a man dismay’d ?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
Some one had blunder’d:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do & die,
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

“The Charge of the Light Brigade” was first published in the December 9, 1854, issue of the London Examiner and was later included in Tennyson‘s collection Maud, and Other Poems, in 1855. In 1850, Tennyson was appointed by Queen Victoria to succeed Wordsworth as poet laureate of England. Although Victoria‘s reign is associated with the Enlightenment, a time when logic and reason were the celebrated ideals, this poem celebrates the native dignity of the uneducated cavalrymen, of whom Tennyson says, “Theirs was not to reason why.” Perhaps because it celebrates the common man at a time of social change that generally favored the intellectual, the poem was tremendously popular in its day, although generations that followed have remembered it, usually negatively, as a celebration of war’s glory. In Tennyson’s time, though, the poem had such all-around popularity that the poet was induced years later to return to the same battle, in a poem examining a much more successful assault by the British troops: “The Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava,” published in 1885’s Tiresias and Other Poems.

4 risposte a “the blind side

  1. HEY Paolo, whats up !!
    my name is sara, i was looking for this peom after i ve watched the”the blind side”, i wanted to add that to my own note pad, where i keep some especial quotes, peoms…and so on , and they are mostly from books i read and moviee watched .
    in this one really liked haw they realated the peom to the story. And that piece of writing michel did, it was pretty influencial, it had a great impact on me . so thanx for sharing it all , and luckly now i dont have to write it myself again, i was thinking to copy it from u r blog .
    all the best and thanx again (-:

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